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Clive Dodson Master Thatchers, based in rural Cambridgeshire we are within easy reach of Bedford, Huntingdon, Lincoln, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertford, Essex and Rutland. Working on both residential & commercial properties we have an experience of all thatching materials and skills. As 4th Generation thatchers we have been established for over 90+ years passing down our skills and experience to the next generation of Master Thatchers trained in tradition skills and customer experience that has allowed to remain in busines all those years. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote or for any advice and guidance about your thatch property.
Master Thachers

With over 90 years experience, we have an extensive portfolio featuring many prestigious properties…

Free Quotes

We will visit your property at a time to suit you and appraise & advise the best solution to suit your budget…

Quality Materials

We are one of the very few Master Thatchers that grow our own reed & ensure the quality of our materials…

Something Special

It can often be those little finishing touches that will separate a good job from a great job…

Cherry House reopens with help from Clive Dodson Thatchers.

The three month lockdown has caused a great deal of uncertainty for everyone across Peterborough, not least for those in the city’s hospitality sector.

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With 90+ years in the thatching industry our reputation has been earnt through hard work & our customers experiences with our team.  With so many years of experience we only use the best material’s, thatchers and service providers, with experience thatching with Long Straw, Norfolk/Water Reed, CombedWheat Reed and Sedge Grass.

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Traditional materials...

We use a variety of traditional materials to best suit your thatched roof requirements and your budget

Supplying materials grown by ourselves we are able to guarantee that the quality is at it's very best to provide a long lasting waterproof coat for many many years to come.


Individual designs to suit yours and your property suitability...

Thatch roofs are never conventional and our Master Thatchers problem solve on the job.

No two thatch roofs are ever the same and wether you require a simple straightforward thatch with a single ridge or a decorative thatch with multiple ridges & and decorative woodwork.


Whether its a restoration project or a new build...

An 18th century conservation project or a modern building with a classic twist, we can not only provide the skills but also the materials to suit your project.

A high quality thatch roof that has been correctly installed to a high standard using quality materials can last many many years. Thatches that are not exposed to extreme conditions on a regular occurrence can have a long life span depending on the type of thatch that has been used. As a rough guide Water reed thatches can last 50-60 years, Combed wheat 20-40 years and Long straw 20-25 years.


A rough guide to the costs of replacing a thatched roof

The cost of thatch repairs or replacement can vary greatly depending on many factors which need to be considered.

When estimating the cost of a thatch repair or replacement it may not always be possible to determine the condition of the existing roof timbers or all of the existing thatch. Be wary of off the cuff estimates or over the phone quotes. All of our quotes will be written and all work outlined with notes outlining costs of any associated timber work along with additional costings for extra work. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of your thatching issues please don’t hesitate to contact us on our office number at 01487 710520 or on mobile 07860 288542.

A family run business with over 90 years experience in the industry, we give our clients a thatched roof on time & on budget. But don’t just take our word for it…


1st step in the process is to visit your property and it's requirements for a free no obligation quote.

Written Quotation

We will contact you and provide a written quotation and brief of the work required and date for commencement.

Work Begins

On the date of commencement our thatchers will arrive come rain or shine to begin work.


On time & on budget our thatchers will complete the job and tidy up the site, you'll never know they've been there.

Have a question about your thatch
roof click here to contact us…

Every home is different & we are able to plan & design the best style thatch for your property

Moss and Lichen tend to grow on the lee side of thatch or near trees. Long wet periods of rain encourage the growth of moss and lichens on the thatched roof. The moss & lichen hold moisture, making it difficult for the thatch to dry out and making  a perfect environment for the growth of more moss and lichens…

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Most thatching wheat is autumn drilled in a traditional prepared seed bed on crop-rotated land. We endeavour to grow first wheat, where the wheat follows rape, beans or oats. It has been found that this system usually delivers a better quality straw. The crop has a minimal amount of artificial nitrogen introduced to it in the spring…

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Water reed is not grown specifically for thatching. It is an indigenous weed that is managed and cropped for thatching and some other purposes.Water reed is normally harvested after one year’s growth during late December through to late March. Continued cutting after this time results in cutting the tillers of the following year’s growth…

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The straw is grown and harvested the same way as long straw, the difference is that it is combed rather than threshed. The machine combs the flag and grain from the straw, it is then machined tied into bundles. There is little preparation before placing on the roof. It is dissimilar to long straw in that all the butts are…

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